Getting a Big Bike Loan in the Philippines

Getting a Big Bike Loan in the PhilippinesWith a regular income and valid ID, anyone in the Philippines is capable of applying for a big bike loan in the Philippines. For optimal results, use your savings as the down payment to reduce both loan amount and interest rate.

Big bike loan in the Philippines program offers flexible loan payment terms up to 36 months and competitive interest rates.

Asia United Bank

Purchase of your dream vehicle can be an important financial and lifestyle decision, so choosing the appropriate lender is crucial. There are plenty of banks and lending companies in the Philippines offering Big bike loan to make owning one easier – all you need to know how to select one is conduct thorough research before applying. Furthermore, application procedures tend to be relatively simple and fast so it shouldn’t take long for your dream ride to arrive!

Asia United Bank Corporation was established in 1997 as an Asian financial services provider. Offering banking, financing, investment and treasury solutions to individual customers and businesses alike – commercial customers as well as corporate customers alike can use Asia United’s banking products ranging from commercial, consumer, corporate banking as well as insurance products and wealth management solutions – Asia United also boasts national branches operated by its subsidiaries.

Asia United Bank recently reduced the interest rate on their Big Bike Loan program, making it more affordable for riders seeking their dream bike. This move aligns with Asia United Bank’s campaign of supporting big bike enthusiasts and encouraging more people to tour around on them while still following health and safety protocols. Furthermore, Asia United Bank plans on continuing its support of Zach’s Makina Moto Show as well as online motorcycle custom show Moto Builds Pilipinas.

The company, with headquarters in Manila, Philippines, operates as a banking services provider. It offers four divisions – Commercial Banking, Consumer Banking, Treasury and Branch Banking. Commercial Banking provides loans, trade finance services and cash management products for businesses while Consumer Banking offers financing products and payment products directly to individuals. Treasury ensures liquidity by investing in sovereign and corporate debt instruments.

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Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation

Finding a motorcycle loan in the Philippines can be an ideal way to purchase your ideal ride, but before signing any loan agreement you should carefully evaluate its terms. Interest rates on such loans depend on both your creditworthiness and lender policies; in addition to this you should prepare to make a down payment of at least 30% of total cost and this will decrease monthly payments and save money in the long run.

Many banks provide motorcycle loan options with both fixed-rate and variable-rate loans; some even provide a motorcycle loan calculator to assist you in finding the one that is most suitable to your budget. Be mindful that certain lenders may require you to provide proof of income or guarantors; in such instances you should expect a longer approval process and ensure all requirements are fulfilled before proceeding further.

Philippines motorcycle industry is flourishing. Home to an enormous population of motorbike enthusiasts who relish long rides and off-road experiences, many local and international manufacturers have set up shop here, in search of reliable financial support to bring their motorcycles here.

Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation, a joint venture company between GT Capital, Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), part of Metrobank Group and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan aims to become the leading motorcycle financing company in the Philippines by adhering to three core values – integrity, strong commitment and teamwork – which will allow it to meet customers’ needs efficiently while offering them hassle-free ownership experiences.

SB Finance

If you need money for a bike purchase but lack the cash in hand or prefer not to drain your bank account directly, personal loans from one of the many lenders in the Philippines could be your perfect solution. They provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment schedules – though before applying it’s important to carefully consider all terms such as interest rates and fees which vary between lenders; transparent communication on terms is also a priority when selecting lenders.

SB Finance is a financial institution offering personal loans, car loans and cash credit lines. A joint venture between Security Bank Corporation and Thai Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri), it has its headquarters in Makati with branches nationwide as well as online services via zuki app and 24-hour customer service hotline.

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SB Finance offers various lending products as well as motorcycle and car financing packages through MotorsikLOAN, with approval rates starting as fast as 24 hours for applicants who provide documents proving identity, creditworthiness and employment or self-employment status.

For a MotorsikLOAN to apply for one, you must be 21 years old with a valid driver’s license and can complete the loan application process online or at any branch of Security Bank – online application is preferred as can partner banks and dealerships also accept loan applications through them. Once reviewed by lender they will send final loan terms via an automatic debit arrangement with Security Bank ATMs online or even in person at one of our branches – making payment easy!

Robinsons Bank

Before considering a motorcycle loan, it’s vital that you fully comprehend its terms and conditions. Interest rates, loan tenures and additional fees can vary widely among lenders – so use online loan comparison tools or consult financial advisors in order to find one best suited to your budget and needs.

Robinsons Bank Big Bike Loan offers Filipinos looking to own an expensive bike an affordable solution. Available to those with good credit records and stable sources of income, flexible repayment schedules are designed to fit into their lifestyle – providing digital wallets and payment installments options as convenient payment methods.

To be eligible for a Big Bike Loan, it’s necessary to fulfill certain requirements: If you are employed and live locally, submit your latest one-month pay slip/certificate of employment as well as photocopies of government IDs, proof of billing statements and bank statements. Applicants who reside overseas should submit copies of their employment contract/proof of income documents as well as photocopies of government IDs for consideration.

Robinsons Bank stands out among financial institutions as being well-capitalized and highly profitable, boasting an easy application process and stable outlook ratings; liquidity remains strong; earnings are diverse; risk-adjusted capitalization meets pandemic risk mitigation needs adequately; earnings diversification provides significant security;


Robinsons Bank recently unveiled RBank Digital, a mobile banking app designed to bring its products and services closer to its customers’ homes and communities. Customers can access their account histories and transactions anytime they choose – be it at work, home or traveling abroad – anytime of the day or night without needing a teller for transfer funds between accounts within or between domestic bank accounts.


As with any major purchase, finding the appropriate lender can be key when buying or leasing a motorcycle. One way to do this is to compare loans from different lenders – use online loan comparison tools or seek assistance from a financial advisor for this task – then review each lender’s terms and conditions such as interest rate and repayment schedule before filling out an application. Once you’ve found one that meets your criteria it is time to fill it out an application.

Applying for a Big Bike Loan can be easy if you meet the eligibility requirements. These criteria typically involve having a steady source of income and good credit history as well as being prepared to make down payments and provide all the required documents. Once all requirements have been fulfilled, shopping can begin for your ideal motorcycle!

Security Bank offers MotorsikLOAN loans that make financing high-end motorcycles such as Ducatis, BMWs, Hondas, Kawasakis, Suzukis Yamahas and MV Agustas more accessible and can even approve you within one banking day of submitting all requirements for financing your purchase.

Motorcycles provide an ideal alternative to both cars and public transportation in terms of cost of ownership, parking space usage and speed. Motorcycles also make for an attractive choice for people on average incomes who can get around more quickly on two wheels than by car. Unfortunately, purchasing one outright may prove financially daunting for some Filipinos; thankfully there are numerous lenders who provide motorcycle financing – taking out one is often easier than expected but still requires research and planning before applying.

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